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We’re kind of in a transition time between seasons.  Many of the storage items like potatoes, onions, and apples are in short supply as farmers wait for the new season to begin...

Avocado markets are still a mess.  Demand outstrips supply and inventories have become depleted.

Sweet corn is plentiful with excellent quality.  It’s a great time to showcase this taste of summertime.

Blueberry production continues to decrease as we head towards the fall and end of domestic production.

Quality is improving as farmers are getting back on track and caught up in the fields.

Marginal quality coming from most squash areas has the market very high, but zucchini is plentiful and really pretty.

Most California vegetables are lower this week, with growers settling into normal summertime patterns.

Tomatoes are settling back down to more typical levels,  especially romas.  Grape tomatoes are a real bargain now.

Local News….

Local vine ripened and heirloom tomatoes are still in good volumes, though the rains have given them troubles lately.

Hot peppers and eggplants seem to be the most prevalent local vegetables currently.

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