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Local NC grown squash and zucchini have begun again, with steady but light supplies starting out.

Peppers of all sorts are in an overabundance situation right now, from regular bell pepper to gourmet colored peppers.

Last week’s rains and extremely hot days put the skids on the tomato harvests locally.

Eggs are about as cheap as they can get currently.  Prices are rock bottom, contrasted to the extreme markets of only a year ago.

Corn supplies are in a glut, with more corn being harvested than farmers can sell.

Strawberry demand continues to exceed supply.  California berry quality is fair to poor, mostly due to weather related issues.

Idaho potato farmers have their harvest well underway.  As they increase their supplies with the new crop, we should all see a softening of the potato markets.

Q:  Why wouldn’t the reporter leave the mashed potatoes alone?

Q: Why did the potato cross the road?

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