Ford's Produce Updates

We’re having a lot of people starting to ask about local strawberries.  The good news is we’re almost there.

The bottom fell out of the tomato market this week, with Florida finally hitting their stride in production.

Florida’s weather is improving, and their typical springtime vegetable lineup is coming into full production.

Chilean blueberry farms have finished up their seasons, and with only limited production from Florida, this market has gotten hot!

Lemons and limes remain in a demand exceeds supply situation.

With the increase in Asparagus demand for Easter weekend buffets, prices are up a bit this week, but stabilizing at just a few dollars increase.

Q:  What did the lemon say to the lime?

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Fundraising with Ford's Produce

Does your club or school have lots of great ideas for the upcoming year, but no way to pay for them?

Let us show you how to make money for your group so you Fords Produce Apples and Orangescan finance all of those great plans.

Ford's Produce has been helping groups like yours raise funds for years to make their year a success. Selling fresh fruit can be fun and very profitable for your group. It's easy and risk free. We supply all of the support, know-how and fruit that you need. All your group has to do is supply the salesmen (your members).

Based on sales of Florida citrus and Washington State apples, our fruit sales program gives you: guaranteed cost (prices are given in October and are good thru December) and no waste (you only order what has been pre-sold). It's a guaranteed winner!

Call us at Ford's Produce 1-800-821-3673 so we can tell you about making the kind of money your group needs to insure that all your plans come true!

We look forward to serving you!