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We’re broadening our organics lineup, and are looking forward to stocking more items on a regular basis.

As of the time of this writing, we were all watching Florida to see what impact our friends to the south would have to bear from Hurricane Matthew.

Washington State Pear growers are just getting started good, but already anticipating shortages this season. Industry estimates are for 8% less pears this year over last year, and 18% less than the 5 year average.

Georgia’s corn season has just started, and we should be seeing better quality and better prices over the coming weeks.

Mexico’s lime season has finally taken off, with their seasonal rains pushing the crop to maturity and causing the limes to size up.

Watermelons are pretty limited right now, with only a few small pockets of farms growing them right now.

Potato shippers are having a bumper crop, and prices reflect this, starting the season weak and then softening in the near future.

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