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We’re broadening our organics lineup, and are looking forward to stocking more items on a regular basis.

Heavy rains in Mexican vegetable fields and the cold, windy weather that’s hit the east coast have shut down production for many vegetables.

Asparagus went nuts last week, with the rainy weather in Mexican fields and short supplies form Peru driving the market upwards. Prices are much higher on the light supply.

Mexican truck drivers and farmers went on strike last week in response to the end of certain fuel subsidies.

Don’t forget about our dried mushrooms! We stock Porcini, Shii-take, Maitake, and a great Forest Blend with 5 popular mushrooms.

Georgia is winding down their cabbage season, but Texas and Florida are poised to begin theirs.

The strike that the Mexican Avocado pickers and growers held a couple of weeks ago, to get higher prices from the packing houses is finished now, just in time for the Super Bowl.

Florida has finished their cucumber season, but Mexican and Central American growers are picking up their slack.

Pear shipments are 12% down this year over last, but 22% down over the five year average.

Q: What is another name for brussels sprouts?

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