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California lettuce farms are still struggling to fill orders with the transition to desert growing areas.  Supplies remain extremely short, and the lettuce is on the small size because farmers are forced to harvest the crop early to meet demand.

California Grapes are starting to slow down as we hit the third week of November. At this point in the season the majority of the fruit is out of the fields and put away in cold storage.

Rains in California strawberry fields last week are causing quality issues for growers.  When rain occurs, the farmers have to strip the fields of fruit and allow the plant to re-fruit to achieve the quality levels everyone wants to see.

Potatoes and onions are still plentiful, and prices are still great.  Even the seasonal heavy demand from Thanksgiving didn’t make any significant change in the market.

Celery is still in tight supply due to the high Thanksgiving holiday demand.  Prices are reflecting the high demand.  It should ease back down as the holiday passes.

The cold and rainy weather conditions in Central Mexico have made it difficult to harvest Tomatoes at full production.  They’re also seeing effects from Hurricane Odele in the Baja region where the crop has been decimated.

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