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Tomato markets remain all over the board, with supplies remaining extremely tight, a lot of lesser quality available, but best quality fetching top dollar for the most part.

Potatoes remain a great bargain, with heavy supplies going into the high demand Thanksgiving season.

Pink Lady apples are the last variety to get started and are scheduled to start harvesting this week.

Brazil’s mango season has not produced the normal volume of years’ past.  Prices are stronger than typical, but hopefully they’ll catch up with demand as the season progresses.

Strawberries are suddenly in heavy supply, with shippers and farmers looking to push product.

While cucumbers, squashes, and zucchini and most other vegetables are finishing up locally, Georgia is well into and Northern Florida has just begun its vegetable season.

California grapes are beginning their seasonal increase as supplies begin to dwindle out there.

Butternut Squash is a particularly good value right now, with plentiful supplies coming from local as well as other sources.  Quality has been excellent and a Butternut is a great fall flavor to feature.

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