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Mexico’s mango season is finishing up, creating shortages in the marketplace.  Brazil will be the next growing area, and they’re projected to begin over the next couple of weeks.

Everyone’s heard of the water shortages in California.  It’s a long term problem for them with no real solution in sight.

Egg availability remains extremely short.  Prices are strong due to the short supplies.

Nationwide, squash and zucchini remain extremely limited.  Locally, though, our NC farmers are right in the midst of a strong harvest.

Weather in the pineapple regions of Costa Rica has been showing more on and off rainfall than recent weeks.

Q:  How do you know it’s too hot in the barn?

Don’t forget about our extensive dry goods line.  We carry all kind of disposable utensils, trays, and paper products.

Q: How do you find a lost rabbit?

Q:  If rooster laid an egg on a  roof. Which way would it roll?

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