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Tomato markets are still priced low, with heavy volume coming from basically everywhere at the same time.

Peruvian asparagus supplies are in light supply right now as they head towards their heavier growing season.

Sluggish demand and strong supplies have created a flat melon market.  Watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydews are all plentiful and beautiful right now.  Prices are low, and quality is excellent.

The markets on most eastern vegetables like cucumbers, peppers, squash, etc. are steady at these low levels.

Warm nights and other factors are causing the strawberry supply to dry up, seemingly, overnight.  Harvests and yields were really strong, but cut off like a faucet when the temps climbed last week.

NC blueberry season has come and gone, but there are still really nice supplies coming from Michigan.

Q:  Why was the tomato red?

Q:  Why was the salad dressing?

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