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Many apple shippers are done with Golds and Galas, and pricing suddenly jumped last week as a result.

South Carolina peach farmers are winding down for the season, and probably making their harvest this week.

Lots of different stone fruits are in a surplus right now.  We have red and yellow (Rainier) cherries at bargain prices.

The asparagus market remains volatile with limited supplies.  Air freight has been a struggle out of Peru and costs have increased considerably.
Idaho’s potato supply continues to dwindle as shippers sell out for the year.

Zucchini and squash are very plentiful, with heavy volumes coming out of New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Local News….

Green peppers are winding down locally.

Local vine ripened and heirloom tomatoes are reaching peak harvest.

Squash and zucchini are in very heavy volumes locally

All sorts of varietal eggplant are available locally now.

Local watermelons are at peak production.

My friend asked me to help round up his 37 sheep....

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