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We still have plenty of Indian corn and pumpkins,  big, small and pie pumpkins.  Fall squashes have been popular, and we have some beautiful butternut, acorn, delicata, and spaghetti squash.

We’re looking at a big mess in the tomato markets for the foreseeable future. Shippers and farmers are backing out of pricing contracts (which seldom happens) and invoking Act of God Clauses.

With only about 4 weeks left in the 2014 apple harvest, there is still a significant amount of fruit left to pick. Pink Lady apples are the last variety to get started and are scheduled to start harvesting this week.

Mexican mango season has run it’s course and Brazill is the current production area.

The shortage of strawberries is definitely passed.  Strawberries are much more widely available and quality has improved with the better weather.

While cucumbers, squashes, and zucchini and most other vegetables are finishing up locally, Georgia is well into and Northern Florida has just begun its vegetable season.

Onion and potato farmers continue reporting very strong supplies with reasonable demand keeping the pricing low.

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For more than sixty-five years, Ford's Produce has provided quality fruits and vegetables throughout North Carolina. As a wholesaler, receiver, distributor and importer of a huge line of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world, we are proud to serve some of the finest restaurants and grocery stores in America that just happen to be located close to home.

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